Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to the Elite 8!

Our fourth and fifth grade students are working hard to determine the best inventions of all time. They've chosen sides and each has written a paragraph about their opinion. Now they need your help. Please read their persuasive arguments below and leave a comment with your vote.

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And remember please vote for the invention with the best overall argument. Winners will be announced soon.



  1. Great job, kids! Personally, I like Shauntia's persuasive argument the best. She does a very good job pointing out that without steel, engines wouldn't exist, so therefore steel is the more important invention. Way to go, Shauntia!

    While reading through some others, it showed me that Shauntia really did her homework, some of the other posts didn't contain enough knowldgeable information, so the fact that Shauntia correctly researched steel also led me to choose her essay. By the way, what is steel made out of anyway? I don't think I read that in any of the posts. Good luck with your writing, you are all very lucky that your teacher knows how to do this stuff, I'm just learning! I have a blog right now that has teacher stuff on it, but I'm hoping to convert it to classroom friendly, here is my link in case you get a minute to check it out and offer me some suggestions for how to make my blog appealing to my class!

  2. Now that I've read the directions more carefully, OOOPPS!
    steel wins over engine in the persuasive essays. Kellie

    I am going to reference your project in my blog for a class that I am taking.

  3. I think that this blogging assignment is a great way to have the students not only improve their creative writing, but it also promotes a little competition in the classroom, which I like. I’m sure the students got extremely engrossed in this project and now would be a perfect time to start this because the NCAA tournament just started. It could be a yearly project around this time of year. I would like to see some of the teachers in my building do a similar project with their persuasive writing units. I think blogs provide an opportunity for students to express what they are thinking and to interact with people around the world. It can be a very useful educational tool.

  4. What a great assignment. I really enjoyed DaQuawn's argument about shoes over light bulbs. He made a great point that you can live without trouble during the day without a light bulb. I specifically thought it was very insightful when he said, "shoes cannot run out of energy like light bulbs." Great job to everyone!

  5. Please see the link below for my blog about your class assignment...great job!

  6. I think Democracy wins over Ice Cubes! John won me over when he said, "if you vote for me, that means you want the right to vote". Well said, John!

  7. I really like how you are bringing blogging into your classroom. In fact, I used your Write 2 Persuade blog as an example of an awesome student blogging activity to complete an assignment for the master's program in which I am enrolled.