Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Over The Weekend

Over the weekend I am going to celebrate  and my family is coming over form Canda for  christmas eve and my cousin Debei and her childrern is coming over and my mom said that on my dad side form alabama and I love her and i never seem her kids before and she said that we are going to pizza and chips and play game whit them.
     Also m grandam is coming over for christmas eve and my uncle and my auntie and my little cousin   might come over and we might sing christmas  songs to the little kids 9 (nine) and younger can not sing and we are going to stay up all night and all day long.    


MY CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         One thing  that is specail to me is christmas sometimes we do is when we all wake up we  go down   stairs in the living room and open our gifts  and our stockings. And when we are done we clean our mess  and put on our clothes.Then we watch A FAMILY CHRISTMAS  MOVIE. AND THEN WE PUT ON CLOTHES. AND WE WILL PROBABLY GO TO MY STEPMOTHER'S MOM HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS EVEOR ON CHRISTMAS DAY MY SISTER AND I GO TO MY GRANNY'S HOUSE. AND THIS CHRISTMAS WILL BE VERY SPECIAL BECAUSE IT WILL BE THE VERY 1ST CHRISTMAS WE ARE GOING TO SPEND WITH MY 6-MONTH-OLD BABY BROTHER. 

By: Madison

MB1-4-3 CLUB

     If i were to form my own club it would be about MINDLESS BEAHVIOR. The name of it would be mb1-4-3 <3. I would make it aboout them because i cant go a day with iut seeing a video of them . if i dont im pretty sure i would go crazy.I would name my club this because i love MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.they are half of my life. If you want me to live all you got to do is show me a video of MINDLESS BEHAIOR.I would be the president of the club and a lexa would be my asistant.This would be a gigantic fan club because billion of people LOVE them and people dont really make fan clubs anymore.alll we would talk aboout is them.   

The best Christmas gift...

    The best christmas gift i would give to my mom is a diamond necklace because she has been asking for one. Also because i needed something to by her for christmas. I want to buy her something for christmas because she always buys me a lot of gifts and i love my mother so i want her to get a great christmas gift.Also it's better to give than to receive. Even if that means spending my allowance it's worth it.
     My mother deserves it. A diamond necklace is the perfect christmas gift for my mom. She gives me anything i put on my christmas list. So she should get something also. So that is the best christmas gift that i would get my mom.

By:Alexa Hodge

Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to the Elite 8!

Our fourth and fifth grade students are working hard to determine the best inventions of all time. They've chosen sides and each has written a paragraph about their opinion. Now they need your help. Please read their persuasive arguments below and leave a comment with your vote.

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