Friday, April 8, 2011

Engine vs. Steel

Engines are a better invention than steel. Reason one is you can go far with cars that takes an engine but, not far with steel. In fact you can't get anywhere with steel. Also, most things you use for transportation are moving because of the engine. Last reason is that steel takes a lot to make you have to dig underground to get the steel and melt it. A good thing about steel is that some engines are made of steel, but all engines are not made of steel.


The engine is better than steel. It is better because it helps you to keep your car running so you can get to where you need to go. Also because some engines are not made out of steel, where some engines are made out of steel. Last but not least it is better because most vehicles use engines which shows that a engine is a more popular invention than steel. But even though the car is made out of steel you need to have a engine to get the car running and moving.  


Steel is better than the engine and I’m going to tell you why. An engine is useless without a car. And the cars are made of steel. And a lot more industrial things are made out of steel to make buildings. Yes an engine is for your car. But without steel you couldn’t have an engine because the engine is made out of steel and metal. I rest my case steel is more important than metal.


I strongly believe  that  steel is better. One reason why is because an engine is made out of steel. If the steel wasn’t in the engine, it wouldn’t be an engine. You need steel to make it. You wouldn’t have an engine without steel. Also another reason is because you put it in a lot of things. Steel is in chairs, legs of tables, stoves, washers, driers, and more. You do use a engines for a lot of things, like in a car and a boat. But an engine is still made with steel. In conclusion, steel is way better!!!!!
By Shauntia

Steel is better than The Engine. Steel will build the strongest house you've ever seen. Steel will protect you from an Earthquake if you go to a Main steel Shelter. If you wear steel armor, you're sure to be protected. Sure the Engine powers your car. But steel is what is on top of your car. If there was no steel on your car, you'd be driving around in a car, unprotected and probably get a Disease when you drive around in winter. Most engines are made of steel. Steel will protect you. The engine will Power your car.


I think steel is better  than an engine. Steel is good because it makes the engine. Steel makes the engine and if there was no steel there would be no engine. Since  the steel was created you’re lucky because you need an engine for your car. You can make a lot of stuff with steel. However the steel is better because it makes the engine.



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  2. While I thought all arguments were convincing, my vote is for steel. While I agree with engine's point that without the engine, transportation would be more difficult, I was swayed by steel's argument that there would be no engine without steel.

    Good job, guys!

  3. I have to vote for steel as well!
    Mrs. Woolsey

  4. I agree, steel made very persuasive arguments.

    Great job, everyone!

  5. Wow, what strong arguments you have made. I am voting for steel. Way to go!

    Ms. Wishnow

  6. Hi, I am a teacher from Melbourne, Australia.
    I am really impressed with your blog.
    Your persuasive arguments are very good. I've had a good think about your arguments and although the engine arguments were very good, I have been persuaded by the steel arguments. Without steel there would not be engines is very convincing indeed!
    A special commendation goes to Nia -whose arguments were clear and concise!
    Well done everyone! :)

  7. WOW how impressive the arguments are. I am voting for steel. I loved the arguments for both sides but what stuck out to me is that indeed many times steel does make up the machine. Also I like that you point out that steel can also be found in chairs, table legs and even washer/dryers. Great job both sides!!! :0)

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