Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House vs. Engine

A house way better than an engine. A house is better because if you don't have a house you could freeze to death. plus if you are in a house you are way more safe. Also you need something to go with an engine. An engine is good because you can't drive a car without an engine. An engine is good when you have a car but what if you don't then you would just have an engine with no car. So that's why a house is better than a engine.


The house will win because it’s a home. First, you can live in it. Also,you can cook in it. Lastly,it’s cool to play in it. You can drive a engine in a car. But you can’t play a good and awesome soccer game in a car. In conclusion, houses are cool.
- Chase

Engines are important to people so there car can run to get them to work on time and from work on time. Engines are very helpful when your gas is cut off and you have to use a genarator which is runned by a Engines can run every thing in your house like refrigerator, television, heters, microwave and other things like that. Engines are very important for some people because they can heat up your house. Engines are important so the kids can get to school on time. A house is better than a engine why? because you can live in your house than living in your engine and that is so nasty/dirty. But if you can live in a engine it will be warm all the time while you are sleeping in the engine but engines are helpful all around the world.


The winner is engine. A engine is better than a house. The reason why I chose the engine is because that’s the only way a car will start. Another reason why I picked the engine is because you can live in a R.V. and a R.V. runs off of a engine. Finally I picked the engine because it can transfor a energy of of source to the next. Although the house can be a bit more warmer inside. But the engine is better because can get you places. In conclusion the engine is better than the house.


  1. Kaylen and Jessica make some great points - Engine wins

  2. Danielle MontgomeryMarch 30, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    Christopher :) He makes a solid point about having an engine with no car.

  3. I vote for engine.

  4. I vote for engine.

  5. Vote for Chris All The Way. From Channon