Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Democracy vs. Battery

Democracy is better than a battery.

Democracy gives you a chance to vote for what you think is right.

If you have no democracy then you might not have any freedom to do what others can like in the U.S.A.

With Democracy you will be able to vote for who you think will be able to help you and your family.

However a battery powers SOME THINGS you need.

If your dictator or king only provided you with one battery then that would be quite mean. But if you have democracy then you could end up having 100,000,000 batteries and still be happy with the votes you picked.


I believe that Democracy is better than a battery. Because we will all ways have a leader. First of all Democracy means that you can vote. Also you will vote for your leader like the president. Lastly if we could not vote we would never have a president. It is true that a battery helps you a lot for example you are able to use the computer. As you can see when you Democracy we gt a new leader.


I believe that batteries are a better invention than Democracy. One reason I think this is because batteries give you power without having to plug something in. You can have light even without a plug. Another reason I think this is because batteries make cars and trucks start. Life would not be good without cars and trucks. Finally, a battery is what powers almost everything you depend on--laptops, cell phones, iPods, etc. It is true that democracy is the greatest form of government in the world and that it gives people freedom. However, batteries give you freedom too--the freedom from plugs. As you can see, batteries are a better invention than democracy.

--Jimmy Jimereeno.

The Battery is Better than Democracy
First, Democracy can be an Equal vote, But, What happens when the 2 choices are both Dilemma's. No one will be happy. Let the Higher people Decide.
Second. The Battery Can Recharge, Democracy Cant. I power All your Everyday Electrical uses. Democracy Won't. True Democracy gives you an equal vote. BUT, Last time I checked, Democracy Doesn't power the Phone, TV, Car, Ipod, Imac, Emac, Everything. You dont use Democracy to power everyday Uses, The Battery Does.



  1. My vote is for Rashidah. I like what she wrote at the end about how if you have democracy, you can vote to have 100,000,000 batteries, but without it, a king or dictator has the power to deny you them.

  2. This one goes to Rashidah. Where would we be without democracy?

  3. I will got with Democracy on this one and vote to get more than one battery!

  4. Rashidah gets my vote, well written and true. Although I like Jimmy's argument too.

  5. I go with democracy.

  6. Rashidah has a good argument for democracy. I thought that there were some very good points. I vote for democracy.

  7. This is Coming from Channon. That Blue Message wasn't Mine, So thank you very much and Look again Please.