Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steel vs. Brush

You can use steel to build a building. Most chair legs are made of steel. Steel hold up bridges and other things. You can build many things of steel. A brush makes your hair look nice but also it can mess your hair up by putting other people hair in your head. A brush can't build things.


Steel is better than a brush . Steel cant brake, Steel can cut things. A brush can pull your hair out ,thats why steel is better than a brush.


Steel is better than Brush because you need Steel to live. Also you need steel to make a gate or to power up a car. In addition if you don't have steel you wont live. But you need a brush to brush your hair. But a brush is not better compared to to steel. Finally steel is better than brush.   


Who will win:Brush
A Brush is better than Steel. First of all the brush is better then steel because you can do different things with brushes. There are  dog brushes, hair brushes and others Brushes. I like  dog brushes because i love dogs and brushing them.Another thing about brushes are that if you don’t have a dog brush and other brushes. Your dog won’t look as good it can look. Probably will look very,very  long it will probably will look very shinny. I love brushes my dogs. I have three dogs. My last reason i love brushes is if your hair needs some help (fix your hair) then your going to need a brush to do your hair.I love doing hair because you need assures. If you don’t have a brush then you need one for your hair. However with steel you can make stuff with steel like a steel water bottle but abrush can make you and your dog or cat or any animal you and your animal will look cute. So you can make stuff but i like brushes better than steel. In conclusion, I love brushes.

Brush is better than steel because you need it to brush your hair. It is cool because without it your hair will be nappy.A second reason is that you need good hair for interviews.Lastly brushes are better becauseyou can have braids. It is true that steel is good for houses. But brushes are better in my opinion. In conclusion brushes are better because without it you will look like frankenstein.
By Armani


  1. I prefer Glenn's writing. Steel.

  2. Danielle MontgomeryMarch 30, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    This one was very tough! Glenn gets my vote.

  3. I'm going to vote for brush. There were some good comments made esp the one regarding needing good hair for a job interview.

  4. I am going to vote for brush you all made good points but brush is a little better so i vote for armoni and kaelen.