Friday, April 8, 2011

Democracy vs. Ice Cube

Democracy is better than Ice Cubes because the right to vote is good. If you don't vote you would not feel safe. You can lose money because there might be a bad president. You can use Ice Cubes to make your water cold but Ice Cubes can't give you money, houses and many other things. The right to vote is good. Go Democracy! 


Democracy will beat ice cube because everybody needs to have the right to vote. Would you want one person voting or do you want to vote?  That's why you need to vote.  You need rights democracy can't give you a cold drink, but it can give you the right to vote.  That's what I am trying to say. Go democracy. If you vote for me, that means you want the right to vote.


Democracy is better than an Ice Cube. One reason is because in democracy you get to vote. Another reason democracy is better than an ice cube is because you get to have a good government that makes laws that are fair. In addition, in democracy everyone has freedom and equal rights. An ice cube doesn’t have a right over anything. An ice cube can cool a hot drink down when you put ice in it. However, democracy makes it so everyone and everything is fair As you can see democracy is better than an ice cube.

By Keturah

We need democracy. We need democracy because if we don't have democracy you will not have a good President or Mayor. In Addition if you don't have democracy we will not be in a good city or Country. Also we need democracy to have are Country and City peace. Finally I think we need democracy or you can go with Ice Cube that will melt. next it will not take long to melt. Also an Ice Cube can make stuff cold. But compared to democracy it will lose. I think democracy will win not Ice Cube.    

By Romance

Ice cubes should win.
Reason 1: if you get to hot you can get a water bottle and put ice cubes in it.
Reason 2: ice cube can cool you down in the season of spring and summer.
Reason 3: ice cube can make things stay cool even it can make you stay cool all day.
Concession: democracy would win because democracy is a better definition .
Rebuttal: ice cubes cool you down not democracy.
Conclusion: if I get to hot I can use a ice cube in my water bottle. 


The winner between Democracy and ice cube is ice cube.  A ice cube is better than democracy. The first reason why I chose the ice cube is because a ice cube can turn into H2O and H2O helps you stay alive. Another reason why I picked the ice cube is because ice cubes it keeps you hydrated. The last reason why I chose the ice cube is because ice cubes keep things cold for when your hot on a summer hot day. Although democracy gives you the chose to vote. But ice cubes are better because water is apart of life and you. In conclusion the ice cube is better than democracy. By: Kaylen


  1. My vote is for Democracy. While I agree that ice cubes are very important as well, I was swayed by Democracy's arguments about peace in our country and having the right to vote for your leaders.

    (All of them were great, though. I'm really enjoying reading all of your writing!)